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An empty room with cream-coloured walls

Reliable Domestic Painting & Decorating Services In Belfast

Are you looking to revamp your home with superior domestic painting and decorating services? Look no further than Brush Strokes, serving Belfast and surrounding areas within a 15-mile radius. We specialise in expert interior and exterior painting of floors, doors, and windows, along with professional wallpapering and decorating services. Our wide range of wallpapers and high-quality paints are selected to bring a fresh, vibrant touch to your living spaces. What’s more? We also perform small repairs and maintenance, and provide specialised finishes, such as faux finishes, texture coatings, and unique paint effects.


With a customer-centric approach, we prioritise clear communication, timely project completion and flexibility to guarantee customer satisfaction. Contact us today to book your appointment and transform your space.

Our Domestic Painting & Decorating Services

An empty room with sea-green walls and windows

Interior & Exterior Painting

From colour consultations to meticulous execution, we enhance your home’s ambience and exterior appeal. We use quality paints and expert application methods to achieve a lasting and visually appealing finish.

Floor & Window Painting

Our specialised techniques ensure your floors and windows are protected and complement your home's overall design, adding beauty and functionality.

A painter painting the window with a brush
An empty room with big windows and wallpaper with flowers and birds

Wallpapering & Paint Effects

Choose from various wallpaper designs and unique paint effects to create personalised, stylish spaces that reflect your taste and enhance your home’s character.

Home Decor & Exterior Decorating

We assist in selecting and implementing home decor and exterior decorating elements that align with your personal style and the architectural aesthetics of your home.

A living room with a sofa set and cream-coloured walls
A person cutting the wallpaper

Domestic Paints, Wallpapers, & Finishes

Explore our extensive selection of high-quality domestic paints, wallpapers, and finishes, each carefully chosen to meet the specific needs of different rooms in your home.

Small Repairs, Maintenance, & Surface Preparation

Our comprehensive service includes fixing minor damages and regular maintenance. Also, we prioritise thorough surface preparation to ensure lasting and flawless results

A contractor plastering the wall
Close-up of a hand with a paintbrush painting a door white

Painting Windows & Doors

Our expert painting services for windows and doors are designed to enhance your home’s visual appeal while offering added protection against the elements.

To Your Home Decor Or Painting Requirements, Dial 07974 355675!

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